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Your footprints will leave a LEGACY

I was walking with my son on the beach today.
He got behind me and started to follow in my footprints.
He tried to keep up but he he said my steps where too big and it was HARD for him to keep up.
I told him that’s my job as a father.
To make sure I leave Footprints worth following.
My job was not to make things easier for him.
My job is to help him see that when life gets HARD is when you show the WORLD what you’re made of.
As long as you keep your EYES FOCUS on your NEXT step,
You may FALL, You may Stumble,
but if you NEVER GIVE UP you will get there.
And who knows.
One day your son will follow on your FOOTSTEPS.
That’s when I would know that I created a LEGACY.


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