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Never stop learning


October 4, 2016
You never stop learning…

October 4, 2015

When one journey ends another begins..
Today my son’s three year journey to be a black belt finished as he passed the test.
When I asked him what’s next?
He said this is just the beginning…
“ I have long way to go to be a MASTER”
I learn so much from my son.
He had a Master, a Teacher, a Trainer to guide him in his journey.
If it wasn’t for those that PAID the price before and are willing to teach, he wouldn’t be here.
And if it wasn’t for his family that encourage him and supported him along the way, he wouldn’t have made it.
I am humble to have been part of his journey and see his growth.
Three years from now he will be a teenager..
And we will have many more tests and battles along the way.
The ONE thing that bonds us together…
Is the DESIRE to never QUIT.
I am so proud of you my son.
And even though in the future we may not see eye to eye.
We will look back to this moment where we both looked at each others eyes and saw what is possible if we never QUIT.
Thank you to ALL that have supported not only his journey but my journey as a father.
There is always a Next Level..
PS: None of this would’ve been possible without my wife Vivian
that took him to practice every time and also my mother in-law Marta
and my mother Pilar that were there to cover when we were not there.
His Victory is a reflection of your Love.
Thank you.


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