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Invest in your relationship!

“As time passed by I learn that the Only thing that I can always count on is the FIRE you ignite in me when I’m around you….
Everyday it gets stronger and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you…”
Most people thing that business is their purpose and that once they figure out how to run their business and succeed they will have time to work on their relationship..
They put their business first and their relationship second..
I can tell you from experience that is a recipe for disaster…
Once I found that my strength comes from having a grounded foundation with the woman I love, business became easier….
But it didn’t come easy… It was easier for me to hide in my business that to face the issues in my relationship.
Nobody can do it for me… Just like everything else… If is worth it, I have to put in the work..
My biggest accomplishment is not the money that I’ve made or the business that I’ve built, but earning the unconditional love from the woman I worship.
Learn it,
Live it,
Experience it.


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