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How to make a good family?

WHY YOU do what you do is more important than HOW.
I just finished a ONE WEEK BOOTCAMP event we call
During this event we take powerful businessmen to The EDGE so they can remember how to tap into their EDGE.
We had two young men in their 20’s come in through our scholarship program –
The Next Level Young Entrepreneurs.
I’ve never been more clear on the IMPACT we make as businessmen.
Seeing these young men evolve into MEN in just five days was amazing.
The POWER of being in PROXIMITY to POWERFUL men and seeing they had the same FEARS, the same obstacles just in different ways, gave these young men perspective and hope.
For me, the biggest gift was having my son and my wife witness the final ceremony where everyone shared their experiences and made commitments to how they were going to live The EDGE every day.
People may JUDGE my ACTIONS.
People may JUDGE my METHODS.
People may JUDGE my MARKETING.
But ONE thing they CAN NEVER SAY is
That my family is not my WHY.
To me…
That means I’ve already ARRIVED.
There is nothing else to achieve.
If I died tomorrow they know that I lived every day to make this world a better place for them.
What is your WHY?


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