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Importance of Google+ page for local businesses

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It is hard to think about today’s internet without Google. When people are searching internet for their query, entertainment or necessary products Google is the best platform which is chosen by most of the peoples. Although it is a search engine Google established some unique services for learning, entertainment, or business. Google local business page is one them which is related with Google+- a social media service of Google launched in June 28, 2011.

Google local business is assigned by Google my business. We have to come here through Google plus profile. For local business create a page with accurate address including ZIP code and contract info with phone numbers and request for verification. Than Google will verify the business address in manual process. Its will send a post mail with a secure code. Usually it arrives in 1-2 week on the address which was given. The business owners/page admin have to input the code on the page and request to confirm. Google will verify the address and the business is now verified on Google.


Benefits of this page is indefinable. Some them is-


  1. When people search the business on Google, the business map will show right side of the search results. On the first appearance it’s will take in mind that the business has reliability and presence.


  1. The map will show direction of the business location so customers can reach the show room or service point directed by Google map.


  1. Its show products images on the map


  1. Business contract info is also included.


  1. Open hours of the business.


  1. Business website


  1. Its also show the area which is covered by the business or service.


  1. Peoples review about the business which is rated in five stars rating.


To get all these benefits we have to configure it through Google plus page.



-For every local business a google plus page is recommended.  If your business is online based and it is local you must have to create a Google+ page today.


-If some other business is located on same area with same services your maps may not show on Google search page. For this you have to rank your website, Sharing more images and post on Google+. In a word its need search engine marketing through Google.


-If your business is not local or its not a business at all you can use Google+ brand page for this. Its will help to rank your website, image, video on Google.


-For YouTube channel Google+ brand page is recommended. Its helps to get more views and subscriber for the videos. You can see also the channel insights easily.


-Development of business mostly depends on its marketing and Google+ page is so very important for online marketing for a product or service. And the service is totally free offered by Google. So why we don’t use this?


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